maple syrup festival.

saturday turned out to be a wonderful day. we headed to a maple syrup festival at a local conservation area and enjoyed our afternoon immensely. although the day started out cold and cloudy, by late afternoon the sun was out recharging our batteries in its warmth. 

we walked through the woods and checked many buckets slowly filling up with sap, later to be made into syrup. 

we enjoyed a wagon ride, pulled by two beautiful percheron horses, each weighing about 2000lbs. odessey and ollie. the kids loved the ride and we learned about the impending doom and gloom waiting the sugar maple trees in the near future. basically, thanks to climate change the sugar maples will start to move north looking for cooler temperatures. so sad.

we didn’t eat any pancakes as they contain eggs and we are officially egg free, but we did nibble on our own snacks and sipped hot apple cider. the boys ran and walked and frolicked the way kids should out in the fresh air. we checked out the birds of prey section, and saw some stunning snowy owls and two massive bald eagles. 

then home for nachos and some bob the builder!

what did you do this weekend?

xo, mama lola
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    You three are adorable. I miss stuff like this. I grew up in New Hampshire and seeing things like tree tapping were commonplace when I was little. Looks like fun.

    • says

      thanks tiffanie. there are lots of maple syrup festivals around here these days, but we chose this one as the $$$ goes to the conservation area and is not commercial like so many of them.


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