the easter bunny dropped by.

we had a great time in the big city for easter. we had a nice dinner with my parents and then dear hubby and i went to a movie, while the kids stayed with my folks. we saw an iranian movie called, a separation. it was incredible, powerful and heartbreaking. i would recommend it to everyone.

then on saturday we headed to the famous st. lawrence market. the market was beautiful with shelves overflowing with bright fruits and veggies, with tanks crawling with lobsters and counters filled with yummy fresh, fish and various cuts of red meat. bear was very curious of the beat, since we’re vegetarian and never have meat in the house, seeing meat was so interesting for him.

the market not only had food, but lots of vendors selling colourful kitchens gadgets, wordly jewellery, and funky clothes. there was so much to see, but with the crowds and a four year old with a sudden case of spaghetti legs, it was difficult to navigate and take pictures!

then, it was off to the beach in the cities east end, where the outside space gave us lots of freedom and the earlier case of spaghetti legs suddenly disappeared!

the kiddo’s soaked up the warm spring sun, as they ran through the sand to the shoreline, where they threw stone after stone into the lake. it was so fun!

today we had a wee egg hunt in our backyard. i dragged my butt out of bed before everyone else and secretly hid some eggs around the yard. after breakfast the kids went out and found the yummy treats; mini eggs and small jelly beans in wee plastic eggs and one kinder per kid.

a lovely easter closing with a lazy-bum-day at home with my family.

how was your easter? did the easter bunny drop by your house?

xo, mama lola
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