way up in a tree!

we LOVE this little gem of a book!

the renowned canadian writer, margaret atwood wrote a delightful chidlren’s book called “up in a tree” (1978). our boys love this book and bear can read it to his little brother now. when we went to the park with friends on friday, the big kids found a tree they could climb on their own and it reminded me of this book.

look at these cute dudes up in a tree! i have always encouraged my kids to climb, because it is helpful skill to have and i think it has helped shape bear’s confidence. 

the missE enjoyed her first spring swing and loved it. look at all the kids! Wweeeee!!!

today it has been raining all day, but nobody seems to mind. last week we played outside a lot and yesterday was a super busy day for all of us, so it’s nice to take it easy for a change. 

are you enjoying a lazy sunday as well?
xo, mama lola
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