a few good men.

hydro workers (electricity) were here for a long time today. they showed up right after breakfast, stayed through our playdate, lunch, lion’s nap, bear’s first ever trip to the barber and left about six hours after arriving. there was a pole that needed to be replaced and it took a lot of workers and a lot of trucks to get the job well done.

unfortunately for our friends, the trucks blocked our drive way for most of the day, so they had to park round the corner and then way up the hill, because the trucks had not only taken over our street, but neighbouring ones as well. like i said there were a lot or people on the job.

the kids, even baby G and baby K, were thrilled with the live cherry picker action out front! (and us MAMA`s had fun making completely inappropriate jokes about the whole situation.. um poles, cherry picking etc etc… yes, we went there!)

dear hubby came home during lion’s nap and took bear to his first professional hair cut at the barber. bear has been fretting about going for days, saying he’s scared and almost crying about it, but the kid hates getting his hair cut by me and it was getting too long and hence, too hot. obviously, I knew the barbers would be much more professional than my unsteady hand, and that although bear was nervous, I just knew there would be wall art like the many barber shop neon signs I’ve seen before, along with the buzz of the busy barber and the jokes and laughs I’m sure the barber would crack out. this would distract him, surely! plus, it was about time he learnt he was a big boy and felt like one too! it’s always nerve-racking, especially for mommas, when kids pass these milestones. but my bear is a big brave boy and I’m sure he will do okay. as long as he likes his cut when he comes out the other side, all will be well. he was never sure about my styling when I did it, but who can blame him! plus, I was assured by dear hubby that most barbers use a hair trimmer for kids that is super safe and quiet and i passed this information onto bear. well, he ended up going and he looks all grown up with his short do. his little neck is breaking my heart! he’s feeling pretty proud of himself for going and told his dad that next time he needs a haircut he wants go back there. fine by me!! It won’t be long until he will be going to the barber shop on his own, maybe one that is like this barber shop toronto where they give their clients beer. I guess that’s one way to persuade the men in your life to get a hair cut!! I’m just so glad that he wants to go back there again as it would’ve been a lot harder trying to find him a new shop to go to. There are no doubts about it, finding a family hair salon can be tough. However, once you have found a salon that you know you can trust, you are pretty much a customer for life.

lion is a bit of a mess, yet again. he’s teething and his nose is constantly dripping snot and he has that pesky cough that disrupts his sleep. it comes deep from his lungs and sounds awful. poor kid, hope he feels better soon!

it’s a long weekend here in canada; victoria day in fact, which is named after the queen. it’s the weekend for opening cottages from their winter slumber, and a time planting flowers and veggies into the ground, as the fear of frost has officially passed. we are not heading to the cottage, but are anxiously awaiting the arrival of dear hubby’s sister and her mister, and their sweet babyM. they are moving to this side of the border for a few months and tomorrow is moving day. can’t wait to hold my new niece and catch up with my SIL and BIL.

happy friday!

xo, mama lola
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      aw, thanks! everyone and i mean EVERYONE says he looks like his dad, but we don’t see it. i think he looks more like me, but he looks just like my dad did at that age. it’s all in the big round head!

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