chair re*do.

welcome to the first of thirty one posts in may!

we have a beautiful dining set that my grandmother shipped over from glasgow, scotland at least a decade before the second world war started, when she immigrated to canada with my grandfather. it’s a small simple table with built in leafs that can be extended when needed, four chairs and a matching sideboard. i never knew my dad’s mother and cherish this set very much. it’s a way for me to feel close to her and my scottish roots. my dad has many fond and messy memories of eating at this table during his childhood.

but, i’ve been lazy at taking care of the chairs. they have cloth seats that are yucky and dirty from the endless messes the kids have spilled while eating on them. i’m always mortified when people come over and sit on them, but i’ve always intended to re-do them. 

i thought about getting some funky oil cloth and using that, but after a quick pinterest  and web search, i spontaneously decided to use a cheap vinyl table cloth i had purchased this spring. the colour is not my favourite for the chairs, but it will do for now.

this and this is basically what i did.

pull tight and be ready to staple…

have lotsa staples on hand…

and a bright, clean chair for sitting on!

now when the kiddo’s make a mess, i can just wipe down the chairs with a damp cloth and not have to worry about it! 

see ya tomorrow!

xo, mama lola
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