flower power!

lion and i went to a nursery in the morning and bought more flowers to plant. lots of white impatients, some more lupines (my fave), rosemary, a butterfly bush and some sweet ground cover plants for which i forget the names. i would like some more ornamental grasses, but first things first…

weeds out! chives out!
(if anyone wants any chives our yard is overflowing with ’em!)

while we were out there a cement mixer pulled up and backed into the driveway across the street. another big truck miracle, and the boys were over the moon. they watched closely as the builders poured and smoothed the neighbours new porch! what unexpected fun!

the bad news from today is, i formed a terrible blister on the index finger of my right hand. it broke and reformed a few times through-out the five hours i was outside gardening. now if hurts like a mofo. excuse my language!

now, i get to relax and drink a well deserved beer.
hope those hard working ants are doing the same thing. FYI, when i packed up at 8pm there was no sign in of them! amazing!

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    It will be worth the blister when everything is blooming. I am telling myself that achy legs from the garden work on Sunday will be worth it when the veggies and herbs are on my plate!