full of love, but i’m pooped!

all of our mother’s day celebrations have come to a close, which is fine by me as i am pooped. 
today we visited the botanical gardens with my parents and it was another fun filled day of running in the sum for us. today i even gifted myself a slight sunburn on my face! 

the iris garden was my favourite. the names people have concocted the hybrid they have developed were kinda killing me, “hot spice”, “venus de milo”, “sailing away”, “boo” and so on… you get the idea. these silly names have nothing to do with irises, but what do i know!!!

i am feeling very fortunate this evening as i sit here. my kids are these incredible little dudes full of love; i have received a million extra kisses and squeezes today, just for being their äiti. it’s a really good feeling and fills me up with pure joy and pride. i am going to try to hold onto this feeling, no matter what tomorrow brings. no matter what the fight.

dear hubby bought be a beautiful locket. i’ve wanted one for a long time, but a clean, simple piece has been hard to find. but, now i have it and i love it! he also got me a huge pot of mixed plants and sweet little blue berry bush! man knows what i like! 
thanks babe!
the boys also made me a funky picture lantern type deal. it’s super creative and of course i love it! 

what did you do for mother’s day?

i will add pictures of my gifts tomorrow and i include the craft we made grandma and mummo.

time for sleep!

xo, mama lola
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