playing by the rules.

for bear’s 4th birthday he got a super fun game from his super fun friend. it’s a cat in the hat game that is all about doing silly things with your body, in a dr.seuss kinda way. bear LOVES this game, but seriously struggles with following the rules. i get it, the kid is 4, but still… c’mon he’s ALREADY 4! i remember playing games with my parents or friends, and following the rules in order for the game to flow nicely. the rules weren’t the fun part and often hindered me from winning, but they’re there for a reason. right?

today bear was playing this new cat in the hat game with dear hubby and i heard him at one point say in a huff “no. i don’t like the rules. i am going to do it my way”.
oh, dear!!!
he gets completely bent out of shape if he’s not the first at things; the first one at the dinner table, the first one upstairs for washing hands and so on. he also struggles with not winning or being the best at something. the wee fella gets so frustrated with himself quickly saying “no, i will never learn to do up the zipper” and then he just does it the next day. but, as his mama it’s difficult to listen to his attitude and negativity; i think he’s a genius (as is his wee brother) and already capable of so much. 
are all kids like this? 

[i haven’t taken any pictures thanks to my pathetic finger.]

i will leave you with this sweet face.

this is mark ruffalo, a hollywood dude who also had a brain tumour. his was different from mine, but he had his removed via surgery and he too is fine now!

*remember, if you are still interested in donating to the brain tumour foundation of canada’s SPRING SPRINT, you have until july 31, 2012. so far i have raised $485 and would love to at least reach $500!

email me at and i can forward you the details!

xo, mama lola
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    I will admit: I’m 32 years old, and there are still games I refuse to play because I don’t understand the rules. (Killer Bunnies, I’m looking at you!) And the fact that my husband’s family had different “house rules” for Monopoly than mine did…Oy.

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