the firetruck miracle.

it isn’t every day you look out the window and see a firetruck parked right in front of your house. but, that’s exactly the miracle that presented itself to us on wednesday morning, while visiting friends in the big city. 

we stepped outside and there it was, a HUGE shiny red truck, with a very kind and smiley firefighter standing around outside. there was some disturbance up a few houses up, but nothing scary. 

when the firefighters were done with the disturbance, they let the kids sit in the truck. my bear was too scared to hop in, but he enjoyed the view from outside. even tiny two month old, babyB got to sit in the rig!

 [BYE BYE! ]

at our house, since our trip to NYC last fall, playing firemascape has become a favourite. bear was amazed at all of the fire escapes in the big apple and made a game about it. now, lion loves to play too and they run around with firefighter helmets and various toys pretending to hose down a building engulfed in flames!

have a wonderful thursday!
look at my beautiful friend and her neighbours sweetest little guy, babyB.

see you tomorrow!

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    This is so awesome!! Lovely people!! I don’t know if I would have fully understood what you meant by “miracle” referring to a fire truck if I didn’t have my own little guy… but because of him, I’m sure we’d feel the same way! We look for the fire truck every day we go to the babysitter’s.