the owls at the park.

there is a lovely family of seven living high up in a tree at our local park. the five fuzzy babies belong to a mama and papa eastern screech owl, who have built a home high up in the maple tree.

this is not my picture, augh i wish! it`s from this blog. isn’t this family adorable?

after bear’s ballet we went to the park for a dinner picnic to see if we could get a glimpse of our new neighbours, and we sure dud. it was amazing! the owls were really high up and camouflaged by the new leaves on tree, so the kids couldn’t see them. but, i stood there with some avid bird watchers and there cameras with massive lenses, gawking away.

dinner consisted of the usual after ballet food, pinaattilettuja, some pasta salad with a yummy pesto and veggies, and fresh cut cucumber and strawberries. yum!

it was fun to eat and play at the park like that. a little bit of spontaneity and fun on a weekday evening before bedtime.

tomorrow is the start of our mother’s day celebrations!
fun! fun!

xo, mama lola
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