family picnic.

on saturday we had an annual family event with dear hubby’s side of the fam. the family picnic was thank-fully held in our community this year, so we were able to over pack and get home quickly at the end of the day.

these events are fun, but exhausting as well. with so many people and so many names and families to remember, i kind of go blank after a while. i’ve been attending these gatherings for about ten years and have been to most of them, and still i can’t get the who is who; my brain just can’t connect the dots that make up the family tree.

we got home late. the kids were exhausted from the long day. bear was asking to go home at the end!

the last time the family picnic was hosted here five summers ago, i was pregnant with bear and grandma was with us. what a bittersweet memory.

it’s going to be a hot week for us! expected highs in the +30c!!!

xo, mama lola
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