father’s day.

celebrating father’s day is different from celebrating mother’s day. i always find mother’s day to be wrapped in sentimentality, and that’s probably my own doing. i’m a sappy kinda gal and get caught up in the emotion of the day very easily.

father’s day, is more easy going and fun, i think. bear has been very involved in this years plans and decorations, and has loved the secrets he has had to keep from his dad. we made lotsa art; the kids painted rocks for the grandpa’s that were animal paperweights. for their dad, they painted a huge sign. such fun and cuteness!

and, see the awesome hat we had custom made for dear hubby? haha!  

bear held missM for the first time. look at how she is looking up at him and taking it all in so closely. she is such a sweet little miss. the boys adore their cousin, oh so much!


xo, mama lola
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  1. […] is a tricky guy to get gifts for, but i’m sure the kids and i will come up with a great plan! last year we bough him a baseball hat and had it embroiderer with ” #1 DAD”. it was a huge hit and he still gets a ton of compliments on it. the kids also made some awesome […]