my garden.

my dream has always been to have my own garden. when we moved into our house, i was so excited about the prospect of being outside and digging in the dirt, that i completely forgot in those fantasies that i was about seven months pregnant! in those days i was consistently exhausted from being pregnant, chasing after a two year old bear and living with the tumour on my pituitary gland. any one of those circumstances alone is tiresome, but triple the effect and it’s kinda amazing that even got out of bed daily!

so, to my shame and shagrim our garden was a disaster. my parents would visit, and within an hour or so my mom would be out there trying to make sense of the weeds. it was embarrassing. we didn’t have any of the right tools for maintenance either. check out the grass in the second picture; dear hubby would try to cut it with scissors! oh, boy!

but, we’ve come a long way baby. the wildflower seeds that we threw into the yard have taken and now after a few years, they are growing beautifully and continue to seed more and more of the garden. i love them. their bold colours are so summery. my perennials are thriving and things are finally taking shape. we did cut down some trees on our property as they were leaning but we have replanted them. i didnt realise how long it would take to cut down trees on your property as it did take a couple of days but im glad its all sorted now. with this being said, as it did take a lot of time, if we had used the services of a tree surgeon, this job would have probably been done a lot better, a lot faster and would have saved us a lot of time. but at least we know for next time. when you take care of your garden, you realise how much time actually needs to go into it to get the look you are going for. saying that though, if you do want to give your garden a makeover, but are not sure where to start, getting in touch with companies who provide something similar to a Gresham Landscape Maintenance Service for example, could be something worth looking into, especially if improving your garden has been something you’ve been putting off.

this week my succulents are exploding with flowers.

the kids made some decorations for our porch (can you spot them?) and then ate apples!
check out their cute new hair do’s too!

it’s getting hot, hot, hot again here.

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xo, mama lola
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