sofa shopping.

we had a wee mishap at our house the other day. our couch collapsed onto the floor while three adults were sitting on it. technically our couch was a futon, dear hubby and i purchased many moons ago before we were married, while living in the big city. it was the first big ticket item we bought together and i remember what a big deal it was!
this is how we’re living now. the kids LOVE it!

we have been very reluctant to buy a nice grown-up sofa. I mean we did take a look at some modern living room furniture but we decided to wait before we make that decision. It’s a lot of money, but really, it’s finding the one we like love enough to spend about a grand on. yes, we could go with buying second hand, but i worry so much about bed bugs (which are a problem not so much in out city, but in surrounding communities). plus, because our house is full of second-hand items we love, we thought it time to grow up just a tad and buy an adult sofa. its when i make big purchases like this im glad ive got a credit card i can pay back the costs to. if you dont have one then you might find yourself unable to afford big purchases like this so be sure to look for the best credit cards no credit so you’re about to buy the things you need.

so, we headed down to IKEA (so grown-up, i know!) and sat and chatted about the sofa we want.
it’s this one…

pretty, eh?
and look at how it open up…
the chaise opens up for storage, which would be the perfect spot for extra pillows and blankets for guests.
we haven’t actually purchased the sofa yet, but we’re feeling strongly about getting it. we like the look, the feel, the size and the price all fit our needs right needs. One thing we were worried about though is getting it home, Ikea does’t offer free delivery and our car isn’t big enough, we looked at the Ikea delivery costs and it was going to cost a lot more than we wanted to pay so instead I tried to find a delivery company here and found one at less than half the cost of what Ikea was going to charge, so now the only thing holding us back is putting together the funds which hopefully won’t be too long.

There is one other sofa that i would love to buy this from our local furniture store downtown..
but, it would cost about $2000 after taxes, we’ have to change the upholstery, and the chaise is fixed and it doesn’t open up into a bed. but, this beauty is made close to home by a danish company, which are factors i really appreciate.

maybe one day. when we have some more space fill and more money to spend!

on our drive home we had to detour due to a crash. the evening was beautiful as we watched the sun slowly set.

the kids just slept….
today was the first trip lion has experienced as a forward facing passenger. we turned him around so he’d get more A/C, he loves it so, so much!

good night!

xo, mama lola
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