burlesque dancing!

our lovely patty and bubba will be tying the knot this coming august and to celebrate a bunch of us ladies went out dancing. and not just any ol’ dancing, but burlesque dancing! Now before you get any ideas, no we’re not going to become like Alexandra performing on Babestaton on here, but I want to share the story anyway. it was a hot and sticky friday afternoon when i drove to the big city in rush hour. i had my defences up and held my own against the cabbies and other aggressive big city drivers as i made my way to pick up the sassy divas from the hotel!

it was so, so hot in the studio, but it was so fun. there was no A/C, but instead a dinky little fan sat in one corner of the studio! our instructors were dressed in fabulous, glittery, lacy barely-there kinda corsets and brassiers and things; it was perfect!

we were all gifted little boas to dance with and lent satin, lacy fancy gloves. it was all very sexy! i bet some of us felt like we could have wandered on to a hdpornvideo.xxx film set we were looking and feeling that sexy!

here is a slide show of the dancing to tom jones’ “sex bomb”. just a warning in case you’re at work taking a quick sneak peak at the blog!

** people may not able to view the video on mobile phones, due to some rule youtube has.

lots of love to all the talented, amazing women who strutted their stuff! Like the ladies who work the escort düsseldorf circuit, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to throw yourself into this sexy a lifestyle. it was such a fun afternoon dancing and then wining and dining in the evening. i am so excited about this wedding and actually just bought my dress tonight!


xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    You did it! That looked like a ball! So many girls at that party! I didn’t see you, but I was viewing from my phone, so maybe I just missed you.

    Glad you went for it! 🙂

    • says

      it was fantastic, although i ended up hiding behind the camera mostly. it was a way to stay cool!! so hot in there!!