someone’s birthday is coming up!

i can’t even take it!
my littlest lion is going to be two, TOMORROW and it’s kinda breaking my heart. has it really been two years since i was pregnant and waddling around like a beached whale (no, really, i was HUGE. i attribute the mammoth weight gain to my tumour creating imbalances and then the ensuing depression that made me eat tubs of ice cream). 

two years since all the stress and fear and worry?

has it really been two years since we had a new born at home with us?

we’re busy prepping tonight for tomorrow’s grand party! cupcakes, bunting flags and fruit oh my!   can’t wait to celebrate my littlest dude with our friends and family!

i am so behind with my blogging… 
i am hoping to catch up on
bear’s dance camp performance,
patty’s BACHELORETTE and the burlesque dancing,
and other fun things that we’ve done in the past few days!
and never mind posting about lion and his birthday!

xo, mama lola
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