time won’t give you time.

i am feeling a time crunch.
from a lot of sources.

we leave for our much anticipated family vacation in a handful of days and there are still things that need to happen before hand. things like, booking a possiblecamp site on cape breton in nova scotia, getting the car lightly cleaned on the inside, deciding if we need camping chairs, cancelling our mail delivery for the time we are gone, cancelling the newspaper delivery, laundry and so on and so on. aaahhhh!!!

when we return from our trip, we have a handful of days to prepare for the much anticipated wedding of bubba and patty. i am  co-MC and hopefully my partner and i can get some ideas going before our trip. i also have some sewing to do; i am making bowties for the boys, but i am waiting for the fabric which i was supposed to get at the beginning of july and still have not received it. yikes! luckily bowties don’t take long. i also have to make a pillow for the boys to carry down the aisle at the ceremony as they are the ring bearer’s. 

i also have some blogging i would like to get done before we leave. bear has been attending a summer camp and well, the drop off’s have been really difficult.

we had a fantastic cottage weekend with our dear friends. there were nine of us, and all the meal planning and event planning us mama’s did before hand worked out so well. everyone was happy and fed (for the most part) and we had an awesome time.

we visited a small amusement park called santa’s village where the kids were given silly elf hats upon entry.

we played hard, riding all sorts of fun rides, had lunch and then basically left. bear started to head down melt down road, so we decided to boot it back to the cottage for some relaxation, swimming and a beautiful, colourful dinner. 

the kids, all the kids were really into the water this summer. well, not lion really as he had a bit of a teething fever and was a bit dopey. but the three oldest kids were really working on their swimming. wearing life jackets or hanging around dad’s neck really boosted the kids’ confidence.

the cottage is such a wonderful place and we love going there with friends. not sure when we will get up there again. hopefully in september.

time to go make some games for the kids for the road trip. making some exciting magnet boards, felt boards and other fun stuff. i will post about those tomorrow!

xo, mama lola
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