it’s an honour just to be nominated!

i had some exciting news waiting for in my inbox the other day. this little thing that we call the internet, that has enabled me to blog away here at bear & lion, has opened up a whole new world of cyber-connections and cyber-friendships. boy-o-boy am i proud and excited to announce that i have been nominated for my first blogging award, all thanks to always generous and kind, dilovely. she’s become one those a fore mentioned cyber-friends, whose blog is always so interesting to read; she writes about movies, her family, kids, politics, being a teacher… it’s all there!
so, here’s how this whole thing works, the rules to follow are…
  1. Display the Nomination logo on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 others and link to them
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nominations & award requirement
so, let’s see, logo posted (check), linked back to the person who nominated me (check) i am now on rule #3; i will list 7 things about myself.
  1. i love to make lists. i make to-do lists, vacation packing lists, grocery lists, lists for dear hubby… i make lists for most occasions as it helps keep me on track.
  2. i am a mover and a shaker. after living in one location for a year or so, i start to feel antsy and want to move somewhere new. it all started with a childhood filled with moves within a community, but also several international moves. and as an adult, i have kept up that trend of moving, moving moving from city to city and country to country!
  3. i have pea sized extra bones in my feet, just above my arches. when i was growing and dancing as a kid they caused a lot pain and there was discussion of removing them surgically, but that never happened, so they’re still there. luckily they have not been an issue in a long time.
  4. growing up i always knew i wanted to be a mother to boys and here i am today! what the odds of ones dream coming true! not sure if we should mess with the dream and try for third…
  5. i am vegetarian and have been for years. it is purely for ethical reasons and sometimes i still crave red meat, even after ten years! what i wouldn’t do for some good, salty salami!
  6. i am always looking for a deal, which goes hand-in-hand with my habit always looking for gifts for people. my eyes are always peeled for christmas gifts, birthday gifts, various upcoming events, and so i buy things when i see them, even if it’s 6 months in advance! 
  7. i have an enormous sweet tooth. i love chocolate, ice cream, baked goods and if they’re all in one bowl, all the better! i have passed this onto my youngest, my wee lion!

and, here are my list of nominations… you will notice a quick trend with the blogs that i read.
  1. whatever: i have been reading meg’s blog for a couple of years now. she’s a crafting queen in kansas, with five kids! reading her blog is always very positive; she uses beautiful colours and photograph’s to share her stories and projects.
  2. corner blog: i discovered tiffany’s blog about 6 months ago and have been faithfully reading it since. she is a mama from san-francisco, a part-time burlesque dancer, mother of two, and crafty lady with various projects on the go. her pictures are lovely and her “out of the box” ideas are fun to try at home… i have!
  3. zach aboard: is another family blog, but this time it’s about a family of four living full-time on a sailing boat! how fantastic! cindy is a homeschooling, homesteading kinda mama of two, but because they live aboard, some of their daily routines are so different from ours, the land dwellers, so her entries are so interesting to read. cindy also takes beautiful photo’s capturing their aboard the catamaran they call home so perfectly.
  4. bebe suisse: i stumbled upon this blog a few months ago via the NaBloPoMo’s we both participated in at BlogHer. elizabeth shares her struggles with infertility through her writing; her honesty is humbling and inspiring. her sense of humour is silly at times, as she explores some of the most mundane or adventurous aspects of her life, while living it up in switzerland. 
  5. lone home ranger: another mama blog about a mommy trying to do it all. justine is a self-proclaimed foodie and shares all sorts of yummy recipes on her blog. she also shares ways to eat locally, seasonally and how live more simply.
  6. maine momma: i have been a fan of kristin’s blog for a while. her entries tend to be short, but they are beautifully written and always inspiring. kristin is a photographer and her pictures are real joy to look at, and also kinda intimidating. her eye is incredible.
  7. my so called life and other lies: this blog comes straight from the UK, written by a mama who is trying to homeschool and homestead, among other things. debbie captures her life with beautiful photographs and blog posts describing recent family events and numerous sewing projects. this mama is a whiz with her needle and thread!
  8. attack of the redneck mommy: this is an awesome canadian blog, written by tanis. she writes about the day to day stuff, but her story really pulls on the heartstrings. her sweet “bug”, her son, passed away and the pain that she struggles with in her life is very real. tanis is very funny and honest about her life, her pain, her kids and herself– no holds barred!
  9. helmen talo: here is delightful finnish mama blog i follow. it’s about a family living in a small apartment in helsinki, finland. the pictures are lovely and depict finnish family life quite accurately, in my opinion.
  10. loulou downtown: i want to quickly mention this IS NOT A MAMA BLOG. lou lou’s blog is like a diary capturing her life in toronto through written word and photography. i love looking at her photo’s and trying to guess where she’s been! her blog also makes me a little nostalgic for the city i used to call home.
ok, i am feeling a bit sad that i can’t come up with 15 blogs, but honestly, i don’t have the time to read and follow that many interesting lives. the blogs i do read, i do so faithfully and with loyalty. 

that being said, i am thrilled to have been nominated and i hope you take the time to check out some of the blogs i listed above. i love to read about other people and how they live, or parent or whatever.

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Thanks Lola! You are sweet. I love your blog as well, so it’s nice to get to know another cyber-friend. I read Tiffanie’s (corner blog) too, so it sounds like we have similar taste. No surprise there! I look forward to checking out the others you listed. Who has time to follow more than 10 blogs loyally? Certainly not me either.

  2. says

    Thank you so much for the honor! It’s good to know someone other than my dad checks in on our blog 🙂 Now I need to check out the other ones you mentioned!

    • says

      haha! i love your blog! i found it when my dear hubby decided we should live on a boat! it’s nice to see what life might actually look like in such a small space!

  3. says

    Thank you Lola! How sweet of you to include me. I am happy you like my pictures and it’s so nice to be in touch with someone who also knows Toronto. You might be interested in knowing I trekked up to Honest Ed’s the other day and got some great shots! So there … More fuel for your nostalgic feelings 🙂 Thanks again for the award!


  4. says

    Thank you, Lola! I am honored by your recognition. I too was happy to stumble on your blog during NaBloPoMo and although I don’t regularly comment, I do follow along loyally to see what kind of adventures you and your boys get up to. I admire the life that your family leads – creative, colorful, simple, and genuine – and hope to do the same with my own, when that time comes. (Also, I’d love a dinner invitation – your healthy yet delicious-looking meal pictures always make me hungry!)

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