road trip quickie #2

i have another window of time, one where i have been given treehouse to keep the kids still and quiet, and free wifi for me to quickly whip up a blog post.

our trip has been pretty amazing. i am feeling very fortunate to have this opportunity to experience this country with my family, driving from community to community. we have witnessed so many beautiful views, met the loveliest people and eaten some of the yummiest sea food ever. the kids have fared well, considering the aggressive schedule we have taken on. don’t get me wrong, we have had our share of meltdowns (adults included), but overall, we are doing well. but, a little tv in a cheap motel is fun and i can’t help but love the peace it brings.

a few more pics from our trip…

from the top, louisburg fortress in cape breton, nova scotia, and lunch in charlottetown, PEI.

now it’s time to go explore halifax, even though it’s super foggy and rainy.

xo, mama lola
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