road trip quickie!

on the road.

it’s hard work, but worth it in the end.
by tomorrow we will have slept in four provinces, in three different motels and two campgrounds, changed time zones, sailed in a (mock) pirate ship during a rain storm, climbed several cannons in various different cities, swam in freezing sea water, collected shells, inspected caterpillars, experienced the tide that is fundy, driven a 12km long bridge, eaten lobster chowder that almost brought tears to my eyes (that’s how good it was) and driven well over a 1000 kilometres! and it hasn’t even been a week!

just had a beautiful shower in our motel in PEI. our tent is now drying in the bathroom, as are our tarps. we woke up to rain and had to take things down pretty quickly. fun though! granola breakfast in the car! kids loved it!

i am too tired to upload more pics and the internet is quite slow here for some reason.
tomorrow we drive in the morning and hit the beach. then ice cream and a seafood dinner; and yes, in that order!

we’ve experienced hot n’ dry, and wet n’ cold!

xo, mama lola
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