sunday, and a weekend update.

on saturday dear hubby and i went on a spontaneous trip to the art gallery in the big city. my folks watched the kids, while we toured the gallery admiring the works of pablo picasso. man, that guy really was a genius! it was so enjoyable to see the art, even though we were joined by hundred of other art lovers who were all squeezing in some saturday morning art on the second last day of the exhibit! because, the boys weren’t with us we were able to go at a slow pace and take our time. we even held hands and that never happens with the kids around!

then we walked down to the hustle and bustle of queen street west, where we checked out some shops, ate veggie dogs for lunch and then hopped on the street car. dear hubby fell asleep along the ride, but i enjoyed the people watching and felt a twinge in my heart; in these quiet moments i miss toronto. so much. i spent a huge chunk of time there, growing up really, trying to figure out who i was. watching the city and it’s people i truly felt like an outsider looking in, as someone who had once belonged, but didn’t anymore. 
i belong somewhere else. so it’s ok.

but, it was confirmed for me as well on this streetcar ride, that i am not ready to move back to the big city. there is always talk of it. but, at this time i am satisfied living an hour outside the noise and busyness, in our small city among the community we are a part of. honestly though, i do see us moving back, possibly when the kids are older and can ride the subway alone.
(sorry sunshine).

this morning we visited dear hubby’s sister and her mister, and their sweetest little gal. we swam in the pool, chatted and had a really nice time. the kids played and took turns holding their six month old cousin, who didn’t seem to mind the game of musical laps until her papa walked in the room! missyM was so intrigued by her busy cousins, and the three of them together is so cute! even though we haven’t seen as much of them as we would have liked (summer got super busy), it is nice to know they are so close. especially since in a few months they are packing up and moving to south aftrica for at least a year!  this fall we are going to take advantage of their close proximity while we can and visit lots!

these three pictures crack me up! oh, kids!

and to end the day, tonight, dear hubby made pizza for dinner. yum. 
the kids are upin bed. bear told me countless times what a wonderful time he had with his grandparents one day and his wee cousin the other. lion, well, he’s just been grumpy this evening as the two year molars that are coming through are really hurting.

great weekend. 
saw lots of people we love. saw some incredible art. 

xo, mama lola
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    I saw the Picasso exhibit too! Wasn’t it wonderful. I was a lucky lady because I was the guest of a friend who is a member of the gallery, so we got to see it at a special showing and were practically there on our own. Not to say that close proximity and holding hands is not a good way to go too!


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