a hike.

our plans for this evenings family boozy dinner with friends was cancelled. unfortunately, one of our friends’ kids got sick; one of the unfortunate consequences of school, i suppose. all those germs incubating in those enclosed spaces, yuck! sending lots of love to our friends and let’s hope mr.T bounces back soon.

this morning i suggested going for a long walk along the niagara escarpment, you know, tiring out the kids so they’ll have a quiet afternoon and fall asleep quickly tonight. so, we packed snacks, our water bottles and then hopped in the car, driving south to the escarpment. today was one of those early fall days that starts off cool and crispy, but warms up in the afternoon. 

we had a great walk. we saw an incredibly beautiful waterfall at the start of our hike. the boys ran most of the way, with a break each, up on dear hubby’s shoulders. we gobbled up our picnic snack at dundas peak, while enjoying the warm sun on our faces. some of the trees are already changing colour, and i’m guessing at the height of autumn the view must be spectacular when the leaves are bright orange and red and yellow.

tomorrow we have our annual baby group photoshoot. here’s hoping the weather is as glorious as it was today; sunny and warm with a scent of fall in the air.

xo, mama lola
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    Wow…Such a beautiful place to hike with your kiddos. I wish I was there walking on such a glorious day! Good thing you got some free time with the cancellation! I find it sad that someone wrote on the lovely wall.

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