a rant about the park.

we have two neighbourhood parks we visit. the one at the top of the big hill is our favourite. there are lots of big trees that create wonderful shade on hot summer days, sand to dig in, and often we bump into other kids from the hood there. it’s a fun place to be.

the other park is a quick trip down the street and tucked away behind a bunch of houses. it’s actually completely enclosed with only an opening wide enough for city maintenance vehicles to come in. the park is quiet, with excellent climbing option, that bear loves, including playground equipment and big gnarly trees. 

today, we went to the park down the street as it’s the perfect destination for bear to bike to. (we also went there last weekend and that’s really when my disgust started.) when we arrived at the playground last saturday and today, there was a pile of dog $h*t at the bottom of the big curly slide. i tried to cover it and shift it over, but we didn’t have our sand toys, so i only had my feet to use as tools. today, i phoned the city to complain and the woman at the other end was less than impressed with my complaint. i asked her if the park was a leash free park for dogs (because it is so enclosed), and she said no. then i told her about the poop i had found and told her it had been sitting there for almost a week. i explained that it was gross as my kids were here to play and asked if the city could put some signs up to remind people that they need to clean up after their dogs. she said she would pass along my query. 
yeah right she will. 

she practically hung up on me at the end of our conversation, which left me wanting to phone back and file a complaint about her! as the kids played and i walked around the designated play area, i found four other, crusty turd piles. 

i wanted to phone her back, but decided i would take the kids to the other side of the park instead, where there is a bench, so we could have a snack. right next to our bench are some pretty amazing trees the kids love to climb. and climb they did. oh they had fun, until suddenly i realized lion’s little thumb was bleeding. i wiped it up, but it was bleeding quite a lot and that’s when i saw several massive pieces of broken glass from a shattered beer bottle.

that’s when i went from a rage to a sadness. the park is a public space to be shared by all, to be enjoyed by all, but obviously some do not understand that shared space comes with responsibility. you have to clean up after yourself, your dog, your friend, whatever. i don’t really care what people do at the park, as long as it’s not when we are there and they clean up their messes.
c’mon people!

as we were leaving bear suggested we make our own signs and bring them to the park to remind people how to responsibly and kindly, use a shared, public space. maybe that’s what we’ll do tomorrow! i felt like bursting with pride when he said that!

do you have suggestions or ideas about what we should do?

xo, mama lola
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    So sad that you have to go through this. I think calling was appropriate, maybe call your local representative and tell them you would appreciate it being posted and enforced. We had to do that with smoking on the train platforms, but after enough complaints it got passed and is enforced better. I find some people just ignore the rules and common courtesy. I had a man with MUDDDY boots put his feet up next to me on the railroad. Messing up the seat and it was dripping on me. They make announcements and everything, but he didn’t care. I told him I was getting muddy and he said “so!”. ugh. Good luck!!

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      winnie, i think your suggestion of phoning a local representative is a good one. i midas well, as i’m sure i’m not the parent disgusted with the messes at the park.

      thanks for the idea and good luck with your own public spaces!

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    That’s a terrible situation. Must make you so very angry. You wonder how people get the attitude that they are not responsible for their actions. Lately on our street, right on the sidewalk, there has been a daily pile of dog poo left by someone who walks their big dog at night. So maddening!

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      when we had our pooch we had bags tied to the leash as well. it’s just what you do as a dog owner… um, i should say responsible dog owner! thanks for stopping by clarinda!

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