fall wreaths.

i love wreaths on front doors. here are four of my faves that i found on pinterest. aesthetically, the cob one is not the best, but i love the idea. 

things to consider:

  • the gourds are probably quite heavy on a wreath, so when using them it’s important to attach them well. 
  • think about how much traffic is going in and out of your door. it’s important the wreath does not fall or bash into your door too much.
  • how much direct weather the wreath will have to endure when choosing which kind to make or purchase. the sun, rain, wind, varying temperatures and snow can all do a number on your wreath.

our front door has a large window, so i have to be mindful not to scratch the glass with wires or other materials. it’s also a good idea to make the back of the wreath pretty, so that it is pleasing to the eye from inside as well. 

1. floral wreath from here.
2. cob wreath from here.
3. gourd wreath from here.
4. floral/ leaf wreath from here.

we’ll be making a wreath this season, and my plan is to incorporate something from each of the wreaths above. i will post pics of the final product!

happy tuesday to you!

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Inspired by a neighborhood that is becoming progressively more ‘wreathy’ over the years, I made three for our door last year … One fall motif, one for Halloween and one for Christmas. It was nice to have a decoration on the house!

  2. says

    Number one, the hydrangea wreath, is GORGEOUS. Love it! I once sent my mother a wreath for Easter I bought from Williams Sonoma that was made from vintage Easter cards. She uses it every spring, so pretty!