family party!

yesterday we had a family party, with friends. there were fancy summer drinks made by papa-A and some tasty soda similar to this DRY Botanical Bubbly, the summer breeze, we ordered pizza from the local place down the street, the kids ran through this awesome sprinkler ball thing, and the laughs just kept on coming.

it was such a great evening and a perfect way to round out the last nights of summer. the big kids are starting school soon and it really is the beginning of something new, not just a new season with the leaves changing colour, but a new stage in all of our lives. a new stage in mothering, in growing up, and in finding new routines as a family.

so for now, i am soaking it all up, enjoying these last few days of freedom to their fullest with my big bear, my lion, my family and my friends.

we’re off to a school party this afternoon. a neighbourhood mama is hosting a party for some of the JK kids and their families to meet before school officially starts. i am excited to expand my community and my village.

how are you spending your long-weekend?

xo, mama lola
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      thanks michelle. great weekend was had, got the last of our summer beans out. now, we count down to thursday! thanks for stopping by!