greenbelt harvest picnic.

what a day we had yesterday at the music festival. 
we arrived in the heat of the day, with sweat dripping as we made our way from the parking, through security and finally to our friends. once we got settled dear hubby went and got us a few necessary beers to cool our faces and nerves.
all of the kids got into some fast chasing game, and then they convinced a couple of the dads to throw them up in the air! what fun!

the music was amazing! gord downie from the hip sung with the sadies and he was great. i didn’t really get to watch him, but i did listen closely, as we were trying to have some smashed potatoes, tomato salad and sweet potato burrito for dinner. but the highlight for the day was mix master mike, for sure. dear hubby and i danced as though we were twenty again! some of the kids joined in and busted a move too, and some parents too, it was such fun.

too many pics to individually post…

listening to to the mix master mike’s samples confirmed for me that i will never see the beastie boys in concert again. adam yauch’s recent passing really hit home and i got sad. but, i kept dancing, even though i felt tired and old! he was awesome! then we headed to the pond for a quick dip to cool down. after that the kids sat in the chariot, ate pretzels, while we walked around checking out some vendors. 
the kids ran around with glow sticks, as emmy lou harris sang beautifully. it was such a lovely evening! i strolled over and watched the incredible artistry on the silks.

hamilton aerial group- HAG

before the final act, feist, came on we said bye to our friends and cozied up the kids back into the chariot and walked. they feel asleep quickly, as the temperature dropped and the dew settled on the grass. i was feeling cold and tired, so dear hubby got us some fancy grilled cheeses, which were incredible! we only heard feist play two songs, and then we decided it was time for us to head home. i was cold, i had a headache, and we were so, so tired.

our day was so great, and our lovely friends are all talking about doing it all over again next year and i can’t wait! 

(if anyone is interested, CBC radio did a complete recording of the festival. if i find a link i will post it)

xo, mama lola
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