little fishes.

bear started swimming lessons last week and it was a huge hit!

i have wanted to get him signed up for a long time, but wanted him to be old enough so that he could be independently in the pool. having a little brother, meant things got a little delayed, as i was never keen on leaving lion in the childminding at the local YMCA. so, this september was it. we signed him up and bear was thrilled. he never expressed any fear or apprehension, instead he has always sounded very proud at the idea of going swimming. to make the lessons more fun, his bestie is going with him. 

last week was the first lesson. i was very surprised at bear’s enthusiasm, as we have had such struggles in the past with him participating alone in camps or other activities. his anxiety surrounding separation and transitions is difficult to predict, and as he gets older some things are becoming easier for him.

he goes swimming on a weekday morning, while his peers are at school. it’s a perfect way to fill the morning, without going to school. lion and i get to sit on the benches on the side and watch. we clap and cheer as the boys splash their way though the water.

mrT and bear are the only two kids in the group, so it’s as though their having private lessons. the direct attention from their instructor is priceless, as she swims with them in the pool, directing them into the deep end, catching them as they jump in and giving them all the guidance and confidence they need.

here’s hoping this weeks morning lesson goes as smoothly as last weeks, as these two adorable fishies are so fortunate to have these lessons without any other kids in the group.

xo, mama lola
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