picture perfect.

today’s NaBloPoMo prompt  :: still picture vs. video.
i think it’s pretty obvious just from this blog that i prefer a still picture to a video. i do take video’s of the boys at times, but i mostly take photo’s. lots and lots of photo’s. there’s something more revealing about a photograph than a video. 

for example, i got a mini video of bear’s first steps, and although i love it and i remember that evening so well, i prefer the pictures i got of lion’s first steps. right, dontcha think?

exhibit A: bear’s first steps a couple of days before his first christmas, 2008.


exhibit B: lion’s first steps a couple of weeks after his first birthday, july 2011

with a still picture you an sit there and just stare at the image in front of you. i’m the kind of person who loves to soak in all the details in a photo; i notice things in the foreground, background, and all the specifics in between. there’s something magical about capturing tiny moments in time, as opposed to longer stretches. like in the sequence above with lion, look at his little dimple, his wee hands and the way his toes curl when he takes a step. or bear in the background aware of what’s going on, but busy with his own game. so sweet n’ lovely.

back in the day, i was the friend who loved looking at other people’s vacation pictures. there was something about listening to the stories, brought on by a specific photo, that i have always enjoyed. other peoples pictures have always fascinated me. i used to spend hours looking at old pictures of relatives i had never met, but felt connected to. those moments provide opportunities for ones imagination to go wild and take you to adventurous places, wondering about all the details the photograph cannot capture. like sound.

video has sound, which can be a bonus. but, as a visual person, a visual learner, i don’t miss the sound when looking at a still.

which do you prefer? still or video?

here’s filter with “take a picture”. love this song; brings back all sorts of memories!

xo, mama lola
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