we headed north.

i’ve been away for a few days in a place that lacks easy access to the internet. we were up north, at the cottage with friends enjoying the fall weather. fall is one of my favourite times of year up there, with the leaves changing colour, the cooler temperatures that mean you have to have the fire going all day and all night. this weekend was pretty wet, but the falling rain that echoed on the steal roof was such beautiful sound, nobody complained about the rain. 

the kids loved being outside. we went for a nice hike up to the lookout point, which we discovered was also the perfect place to build a fairy hut. back at the cottage, we put them to work in the damp air. food always tastes so much better outside. so does beer. especially after filling the woodshed with fresh chopped logs. thanks for your hard work everyone! 

dear hubby and i have been following the tv show “so you think you can dance”, but because we don’t have cable at home, we have always been a little behind on the competition. on saturday, before dinner we watched the show on dear hubby’s laptop and saw the highly anticipated finale. it was such a thrilling show; we cried and laughed and then as the winners were announced, my screaming and excited clapping took off. i felt such joy and relief when my faves won the competition!!! cheers!

the kids always play so well together. we didn’t bring too many toys up, but the kids found lots to do regardless. they ran around all over the place, read stories, collected countless sticks for all sorts reasons and made some pretty amazing mud! 

hope you had a great weekend.

happy monday everyone!

xo, mama lola
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      the cottage is the perfect setting for re-connecting, that’s why we’re always going up there. less ditractions, more playtime! thanks for stopping by, mark!

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    I am eternally jealous of people who have cottages to escape to. This looks like so much fun. We rent a yurt north of S.F. two or three times a year and never want to come back when we do. I hope someday we can own our own place to escape to!

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      oh, a yurt. lovely. i want to rent one of those one winter with the kids up here in canada. they seem so beautiful and cozy and FUN! we are so lucky to have the cottage to visit, but it’s not technically ours. it belongs to dear hubby’s family. his grandparents built many moons ago and it was expanded little by little as the family has grown.