what i see…

bear has started to express lots of interest in my computer lately. specifically, how to use it, how to type, but he loves to draw in paint! we’ve been doing art with the paint program for a few days now and he his picking up quickly how to use his finger to move the cursor, when to left click on things and he’s learning the letter placement on the key board at a shocking rate! it’s all a bit astounding to me, in fact. it appears as though he’ll be computer guy, just like his dad (and paternal grandparents) in a matter of years. 
i bet he’ll be programming his own games before he’s 10 years old or younger.

here are a few sweet pics i took, before i had to rush off to make dinner. pinaattilettuja, may i add! the last one is a bear original!

.  .  .  .  .  .  .

today we are hitting this amazing music festival with some friends! cannot wait! awesome line up, gord downie of the hip, mix master mike, sarah harmer and feist, just to name a few. it’ll be a day of wonderful music, wicked dance moves and i’m sure, epic melt downs!

xo, mama lola
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