a bad morning.

we had a terrible morning today. dear hubby leaves early to commute to the big city on wednesday’s and so he escaped the tears and the fighting. 

it all started because, the boys and i slept in a little. that really was the beginning of the end. we woke up at 7:15am compared to the usual 7am (or earlier), and I dragged myself from my queen size mattress (which is so comfy!!!) and we have 30 minutes for breakfast, 30 minutes for teeth brushing and getting dressed. we’re out the door by 8:05am, so we can walk to school, giving bear some time to play before the bell rings at 8:35am. it works.

bear is a very slow moving little boy even at the best of times. this morning, when i tried to explain to him that we may be late, he continued diddling as the clock kept ticking. i kept repeating myself over and over again, “c’mon dude, get dressed, we gotta get going” or “eat up, so we can brush our teeth”. and, then eventually the tension started to build; his pants were all wrong, his socks got stuck on his toe, lion stole bear’s banana, lion squirmed and screamed when i tried to dress him, and so on. 

it felt as though everything was going wrong and taking extra time, so by the time 8:10am came around i knew it was a driving morning. blargh.

i hate driving to school. we live far enough that we do have to leave early to make it on time, but close enough, that driving feels incredibly lazy. so, today we drove. but, before getting to the car, bear had an epic meltdown about rain pants and coats and backpacks. it was so awful. i too melted down, but only for a millisecond, as we still had to get to school.

we did eventually make it on time and bear had time to play with his friends.

[ happier times a year ago. ]

once lion and i got back home, i broke down. i was crushed by guilt and sadness, imagining my little guy at school remembering back to our disastrous morning. my heart ached. i know realistically, he forgot about that mornings fighting soon after he arrived at school but, i remembered and i still continue to feel an ache in my heart.

and now, lion is refusing to nap. this day is getting better by the minute!

cheers to hump day!

[ source. ]

hope you are having a better day than me!

xo, mama lola
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