a hoop-la life.

well, i’m in love.
she’s got a sparkle to her like no one else i know and blazing streaks of colour that just make you want to move. 
let me introduce my new hoop. her name is razzy (i think). we are, as some may say, attached at the hip.

this is the trick i am working on. simple enough. i have exactly a week to master it.

i’ll also be practising this one…

it’s a start. the only way i will succeed is if i set goals, realistic goals that is. i’ve joined the local hooping group and will hopefully meet up weekly to share in the hoop-la-life fun!

i need a name for my hoop. 
i was considering razzy. hmm… not sure though.
any suggestions?

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Woooow! That is cool! I am a spaz, I am thinking that is a fun workout! I may have to try it. That is a fun name for the hoop!

    • says

      a totally fun workout, winnie! it’s creative and never the same, so it doesn’t have any dull qualities about it. i am, um, not particularly coordinated with my hoop yet, but i’m hoping that will come with time. and practise!