butternut squash & ricotta pizza pie!

dear hubby has taken on the sunday dinner responsibility around here. since buying a bread maker from a friend a few months ago, he has started making his pizza dough in the maker. it’s easy for him, as long as he just has to plan it ahead of time.

this past weekend, dear hubby made a pizza that was one of the best he has ever made; a butternut squash and ricotta cheese delish pizza pie! i found the recipe on pinterest, but THIS is the site it’s originally from. the directions are so nicely and clearly spelt out there, tha i am not going to re-write them here. 
so, go check it out!

this time of year squash is bountiful, fresh and local for us, so we’ll be eating various foods made with it. in fact tonight for dinner for the kids, squash soup. dear hubby and i will skip the soup and go on a long over due date night!

happy friday everyone!

xo, mama lola
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    That looks amazing! We have an abundance of squash from our CSA already this month, and sage in the gutter garden, so this has my name written all over it!

    Pizza is really fun, we love to make it. I am terrible at stretching the dough. I’ve had a pizza recipe for the donut pans “in the can” for a month or two now, but I am so bad at stretching the dough that I am afraid to share that one. I’m thinking of enlisting some random friend who knows how to twirl and manipulate the dough to help me re-do that one. 🙂

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    I made them like pizza rolls, so three dimensional with a top and bottom, kind of like my cherry pies from this summer. They worked great, and reheated just like frozen pizza rolls that the kids like, but they were SO DOUGHY! Please help! 🙂

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    That looks really good!I just did a post on using only flour and Greek yoghurt to make a pizza base, I’m defiantly going to try this topping next time i make a pizza!

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