holy hoopin’ hoopla!

i went to the funnest event yesterday evening with some super funky, interesting and sassy ladies.
i went HOOLA-HOOPING!!! 
there is a small local group that has decided to get together weekly (or so) to practise moves and share tricks. and when i say tricks, oh my! tricks include using your neck or something cooler grabbing the hoop while in motion, keeping it in motion and moving it up above your head and then back down. if your curious, you tube is your best research partner!

it was such fun, fun, fun. some of the women have been doing it for a long time, so they have learned to manipulate their bodies in the most awesome ways to control the hoop. it was kinda unbelievable! it’s a new activity that is becoming more popular as an easy way to get exercise without stressing your body (the way running does). 

i ordered myself a beginners hoop and am going get my body grooving with it soon! hoops come on all sorts of sizes, weights and colours depending on your taste and ability. bigger means easier to hoop, smaller means you have to exert yourself that much more and faster. those little green ones are speedy! 
and look at all the colours! love!
have you ever tried it?
let me know if you’re interested too, i now know where the hook ups are!

happy hooping everyone!

xo, mama lola
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