lion had pneumonia.

i didn’t want to write about this when we got the shocking pneumonia diagnosis, because i was worried it would jinx things. pneumonia in a two year old is scary. super scary. especially when it’s your own kid.

it all started with a cough. lion got a cold, or that’s what we thought it was, from his brother, who keeps bringing various germs home from school. last monday, lion and i were running some errands and he had this deep, cough that sounded, um, different, for a lack of a proper descriptive word. he just kept coughing and coughing, so i decided to book it home earlier for lunch and his afternoon nap. 

i was lying with my littlest guy as he was falling asleep and that’s when i heard it. a wheezing from his lungs. and that’s when i noticed his breathing was quicker and seemed to be a struggle. my gut told me to call the family doctor and we got in immediately. our doc took one look at his chest and sent us for chest x-rays, which confirmed the pneumonia suspicion. my heart sank when we got the call at home, because a pneumonia diagnosis is scary. people die from complications related to pneumonia! but, luckily for us we caught it super early, thanks to my mommy-instincts, as my doc put it and got him the care he needed.

have you ever taken a two year old for chest x-rays? well, see the image below, that’s what it looked like. except, picture my lion in that plastic tube, naked wearing  just his diaper with his legs dangling, and me holding lions hands up and him screaming. 
oh, it was just awful. so heartbreaking.

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fortunately, we live in the first world and got antibiotics into his little body quickly. that icky pink stuff was like magic and by the next morning he already looked better. not healthy, just better. and now, a week later he is back to his old self! 

bear was quite sympathetic towards his sick brother. he put on his big brother boots and was generous when it mattered. seeing the boys be affectionate and loving towards each other is quite touching.

now, everyone is back to good health! fingers crossed it stays that way!

xo, mama lola
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    I HAVE had a chest x-ray done on a 2-year-old, as a matter of fact… I had to do this with E when he was two, and it was awful… even worse because I was pregnant so I couldn’t go in the x-ray room, I had to just stand outside the door and hear him crying! So horrible. But then, thankful, as you say, that we have access to the treatments we need.

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    oh, my gosh!! your experience sounds worse than mine, dilovely. i can’t even imagine what it would have been like listening to the cries and not being able to do anything about them!!!

    • says

      thanks, kathy! i have been extra careful about trying to stay healthy… going to bed earlier, eating more veggies, drinking tons of water… fingers crossed it’s paying off! and as for lion, he’s tough and doing great now!

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