october is brain tumour awareness month.

this is a cause close to my heart and my brain. i was diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumour three years ago and had it surgically removed two years ago, this november. to read about how and why it complicated our life go here and here.

even though my tumour was non-malignant, and i am perfectly healthy now (at least in that regard), i feel obligated to spread the word about brain tumours. they are more common than most people think, and with advancements in the medical and technological world, recovery rates are better than ever. it’s all about listening to your body, having a good doctor to relay concerns to and knowing the signs and symptoms of brain tumours.

please spread the word!


xo, mama lola
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    I had a checkup MRI (MS, not tumor, I think we’ve discussed when we first “met” here, right”) yesterday and thought of you. I had to pee during it so badly that I was miserable. Usually I use it to get “me” time (that’s sad!). xoxo

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