pumpkin carving ideas!

bear asks me every day if today is the day we will be carving our pumpkins and each day i try to  patiently explain why not now, why we are waiting and that today is not halloween. dude is impatient for halloween and i get it! it’s fun and festive and he gets to eat lotsa candy!!!

here are some funky jack-o-lanterns to get your creative juices flowing and them craving fingers ready! we usually do at least one pumpkin per family member! can’t wait!

what are your pumpkin ideas?
do you use some creative techniques or tools to get the job done?
or do you just let the kids do the whole thing?

and don’t forget to save the seeds and then bake them! yum!

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    I just went to see a professional pumpkin carving show with 5000 pumpkins. It was cool. I just blogged it yesterday. It is truly amazing what these people can do. I have to get a pumpkin, but I am a danger with a knife, so mine with look pretty sad…but it is fun and the seeds roasted are a bonus! My mom didn’t let us carve when we were little as some of us (read, me) were not good with sharp implements. We painted on them, and used fun household stuff like yarn, acorns for eyes, the ears from Mr. Potato Head etc.. It was fun still and safe.

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    Hahaha I enjoyed browsing for these awesome Pumpkin Carving Ideas. I hope it’s fine with you that I could pin them on my Pinterest board. I’m so sure my followers would be happy to see these interesting photos. Keep sharing! 😀