delightful strawberry treats!

as we start to move closer to the weekend, here’s a little summer lovin’!

for me, strawberries are a sign of summer. and since we are obviously not going to have a snowy winter (again) and, since i am tired of this winter that turned muddy and brown, i have to admit that i am now yearning for some warmer temperatures and some green grass in my backyard. i know, i know, i’m a winter gal, but there has to be snow for it to feel like winter. and there isn’t so i’m ready for a change.
so, to brighten my spirits and yours, and to warm our toes i thought i would heat things up here at BEAR&LION and get the summer ball rolling… with some STRAWBERRY DELIGHTS!

1. strawberry tea from mandee’s candee shoppe
2.rhubarb strawberry tart from simply gourmet
3. strawberry bruschetta from the curvy carrot
5. strawberry shortcake from epicurean mom
6. strawberry jam from mike’s table

xo, mama lola
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