frida kahlo was a phenomenal woman.

the other week i had a special date with my dad. we went to the art gallery to see the frida kahlo and diego rivera exhibit. 
it was stunning. 
just breathtaking.

frida lived such an incredible life, one which she documented so beautifully through her art. her life was vibrant and bold full of tragedies, love, lust; full of political and emotional turmoil and a love for her homeland of mexico unlike anything else. 

when i was eighteen i went to mexico with my mom. we travelled around the country, never staying in a resort, but instead immersing ourselves into the culture. it helped that we had friends there who took us in and took us around. but, we did travel on our own as well, seeing all sorts of beautiful sights: mayan pyramids, beaches of glorious white sand where we were the only tourists. 

in mexico city we saw some diego rivera’s famous mural’s at the presidential palace. they were huge and astounding! his magic with murals is jaw dropping and mind boggling! 

we also visited the famous house that frida and diego shared, la casa azul, the blue house. their love of history, bold colours, textures and art were all on display in this fascinating house. what a treat to see this place!

at the art gallery of ontario you are not allowed to take pictures of some of the art, something about copyright laws or something. i don’t really understand as when we were at MOMA in NYC, we took pictures of the big hits by van gogh, picasso, monet and other’s.

check out my handsome date!

xo, mama lola
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    Oh I loved the exhibit too! What a wonderful experience your trip to Mexico with your mother sounds like it was. So great that you got to see the home that Frida and Diego actually lived in.

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    I love finding other Canadian blogs, I am actually just 40 minutes east of Toronto. I am glad you took your dad out to enjoy some nice art on his birthday! I never get bored of the AGO and I am also a fan of the Science Centre … so much fun 🙂

    PS – i just followed you on bloglovin … such an adorable blog you have here!


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