kids books.

the kids weren’t gifted any books this christmas, which is kinda odd (well, dear hubby and i bought them a couple of books). point being, i’m looking for some book suggestions for my kids. lion is 2.5 yrs and bear will be 5 yrs in about a month (what?!).
i’m looking for interesting books in fiction, non fiction, whatevs! My sister bought personalised childrens book for her three children and they adore them, I may be purchasing some for next christmas!

i prefer reading books about non-branded characters, books that are thoughtfully written and full of pictures that are interesting and beautiful to look at. i love it when the children’s book illustrations are more impressive than the story itself because your kid can get lost in the beautiful pictures. when i’m reading to my kids, i want to inspire them with the words they are hearing and with the images they are looking at. it always astonishes me how many poorly written kids books get published. we happen to own some of those terrible books, but i try to sneakily “lose” some of them when the kids aren’t looking!

so, do you have some fave’s you enjoy reading to your kids?
a favourite author? or book?
what do your kids like at bedtime?

we do hit the local library often, and enjoy a large selection from there, but i do like to add some good titles to the children’s book selection as well. we’re book people. we have bookshelves full of books, collecting lots of dust. it’s just what we do!

xo, mama lola
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    Please check out my three series on my webpage I have written a lovely series about a boy and his imagination and the pirate ship he commands. It has gotten great reviews and has a nice lesson in each book without being preachy. I have an introduction to yoga for children as well as a new non fiction series about all the cultures on our small planet. I write for ages 3-8. Please let me know what you think of them.

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