new year’s resolution check in.

so, we’re about half way through the month and i’m wondering how everyone is doing with their new year’s resolutions for 2013? what were your resolutions? this is what i said i would do this year.

resolutions can be tricky things. people make them with the best of intentions of keeping them, but 365 days is a big chunk of time. especially if your resolutions are ones that are big goals, like losing a whole wacka load of weight or changing careers or doing something that requires you to save a big pile of cash.

this year my resolutions are big, but in a vague, abstract kind of way. i want to be whole. in order to achieve this sense of wholeness, i have to accomplish things in small steps and divide my life into manageable chunks. so for instance (in no particular order), kids, house, habits, sewing, friends, family, cooking, art, reading, blog, dear hubby, gym, and other.

i was talking with my chiropractor about setting goals and she said the best thing is to set tiny, achievable ones in weekly or monthly increments, which is more likely to set you up for success rather than failure. wanting to lose 30 lbs is a great goal, but to achieve that in it’s entirety will take a long time, a big commitment and a life style change really. but, if you divide that big goal into smaller, easier goals, like losing 5 lbs every two weeks (or whatever), it’ll be easier to psyche yourself up off the couch and exercise. Furthermore, taking a daily supplement that assists weightloss, perhaps from a company like gundry md, will help you to reach the goal without doing a crash diet or over exercising. These supplements also have many other health benefits such as stopping bloating and improving the feeling of fatigue. Smaller changes to daily life is the way to lose the weight.

i’ve divided my life into sections and then i want to make sure i meet some need in my sections monthly, to at least get the ball rolling in my goal to feeling whole. so each month i want to make sure i sew something, read regularly, spend time with my friends, try a new recipe etc etc. i know these goals don’t sound big or particularly life changing, but i find it difficult to find time to do a lot of the little things that i enjoy, as my family takes up a lot of my time and energy.

this month so far i have gone dancing with dear hubby and friends, found some great recipes to try, i have blogged regularly, i have hit the gym a few times, i have left the house in the evenings to avoid the chaos that ensues after dinner, i have seen friends and caught up on things, i have started reading a book i am thoroughly enjoying and i have booked an appointment to have my hair done. by starting small, i feel more motivated and i think in time i can increase my goals.

how do you manage to keep resolutions? or do you work hard in january and then just forget about them?

xo, mama lola
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    Sounds like you’ve had a good January so far. Good for you. I like the part about you leaving the house after dinner for a more relaxed evening.

    My biggest resolution for this year is to make more plans to see friends. Switching from working in a busy office for a long time, to working from home, has made me realize how much of a built in social life one gets from working outside the home. So far, I’m doing great, with lunch out last week-end, thrifting with my sister on Friday, and the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera show at the AGO and a concert at The Mod Club scheduled for this week. I also had a get together with a new friend scheduled for tomorrow but I had to cancel because I got a cold on the weekend and don’t want to pass around germs.

    I hope this doesn’t just mean I’m starting the year with a bang, because I really want to continue getting out. (I have hermit tendencies if I’m not careful!)

    • says

      i hear ya on the hermit tendencies, i think that’s pretty common.
      your plans sound like such fun and including more friend time is so important. it’s so easy to fall in the “too busy” or “too tired trap”!

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    I love these goals, especially the overall one. Whole-ness is so important, and so many people (especially mamas) ignore that. Bravo to you! This year, I am trying to find balance. Another kind of vague goal… but it starts with To-Do lists that are achievable. I’m hoping that asking myself to do less will end up with me doing more.