winter fun!

last winter sucked! there was one day of snow, every other day was grey and miserable and awful. this winter, is a hit! we have had snow, we have played in it, frolicked in it and we went for a fantastic toboggan morning with friends the other day.

the air was filled with laughter.

and screams.

the adults behaved like kids.

and, it snowed all day. from morning to night, giving us an ample source of the white stuff for some serious snowman building! my guys are actually building their own hill in the backyard for tobogganing. dear hubby gets right into it and has been shovelling snow from our driveway into the backyard. it’s going to be fast and fun!

i love the winter.
it’s my favourite season. my family loves winter too.
what’s your favourite time of year?

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Looks like it was a fun day! You’re right, our weather has been terrific this winter. Although, it is by no means my favourite season. I’m a summer girl even though I can’t do sun. I miss my garden and sitting out in the evenings so much right now! But of course, one must never wish time away because it’s so precious, so I am keeping a positive attitude about winter too.