bear’s birthday party!


on sunday, my bear had a birthday party for his 5th birthday. he insisted that no adults were allowed except for dear hubby and myself, and all four grandparents. so that’s what we did, a drop off party. i was a little nervous and skeptical that it would work, but another mum had recommended it and since bear really wanted to do it, i figured why not.

the party was short, two hours. the plan was to let the guests trickle in, but they all arrived promptly at 11am! that meant party time! the kids played, while i made some fruit kabobs and cream cheese wraps. then dear hubby had them play a few rounds of pin the tail on the donkey, then it was lunch time, and then cake time!

after devouring the carrot cake the kids played again for a bit, and then it was present time! and then, again the parents arrived promptly and the party was over! for any parent considering hosting a drop off party… DO IT! for us as hosts, it was easier as we didn’t have to feed as many people, and i wasn’t trying to catch up with a friend while trying to organize the kids as well. i actually had several opportunities to sit and chat with my folks, drink coffee and just watch as the kids played. We did look into bouncy castle hire with the intention of having some inflatables as we knew the kids would love this, but we decided that it wouldn’t be safe having one at a drop off party. It would be too much pressure for me and the hubby to make sure all the kids were safe on the inflatables and still manage everthing else we had to do for the party.
the kids themselves were so well behaved. there was no fighting, no shenanigans of any kind; they followed directions, ate nicely, chatted amongst themselves and were super adorable, quite frankly!

we made an amazing cake that i will post about in another entry. and, i will share what we did for loot bags this year in another post.

bear is turning five on valentine’s day and i’m building up to my letter that i wrote to him for this special occasion.

xo, mama lola
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    Oh my goodness … How cute! Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures. I love how you put him in that colourful bowtie. Happy birthday to your precious son.

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    It really does look like fun! I agree with Loulou, love his bow tie, adorable! How did you word your invitation so parents knew only children would be attending the party? I think drop off parties are way easier too! Loved the cake too!

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      hi kristine, i just put “drop off party” on the invitation. a line i copied from another mama who hosted an adult free party as well. parents love it, because it gives them a break too.
      thanks for coming by!

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