bear’s own money


i hope when my my bear is all grown he doesn’t sing about hoping to meet a rich man, marrying him so that he will feel financially secure.
anyhow, enjoy the grooves. I especially love the green eye shadow!

$ $ $ $ $

the other week we were at the toy store, when bear asked me to buy him this silly toy. he doesn’t typically ask for things when we’re out, but since it was only a few days from his birthday party there was a smell of gifts wafting in the air. We chatted and I told bear that his dad and I had decided that instead of just buying him things, he should start to earn his own money, then he could decide for himself when and how he wanted to spend his money. I want him to grow up with a healthy attitude towards money and have the knowledge to invest it, whether it be forex apps uk, or other investment methods.

Well, that was a tricky conversation to have. Money is complicated stuff, as we as adults know all too well, earning money can also be quite hard if you don’t check out websites like Money Sack for different ways to earn money. I tried to explain that dear hubby works hard to earn money, so that we can buy things like food, clothes, a house, gas for the car… it was kinda flying over his head, but I knew he was thinking about it because every so often he would ask something like “do windows cost money?”, “what about furniture?”, “or trees?”

so, together we decided that we would come up with three chores that if he completed i would pay him. but, it also meant that he would have to continue to contribute to our household, as a member of the family, by doing things when asked. things like helping set the table, clearing his used dishes after meals, tidying up toys or crafts, putting his dirty laundry directly into the hamper, and so on.

we’ve only come up with two chores that if done, we’ll pay him and they are, if he makes his bed in the morning I pay him 25 cents. if he unloads the cutlery basket from the dishwasher I pay him 25 cents. I have offered to pay him more for bigger special, projects like outside jobs in the warmer months. he seems pretty keen. we’ll see how much those chores will earn him when the day comes.

i really want him to learn what it feels like to earn money, save money, spend money and how all of those habits are so closely interconnected. when he gets older, I’ll show him websites like Stocktrades and show him how he can make money from that, but for now I’ll just keep it to chores! our north american, first world society has a very illogical, irresponsible relationship with money. we are private about it when i think we should be open, we spend it as though it grows on trees and we are ignorant about the big picture of our financial lives. people should be able to learn all there is to know about money. where it comes from, how you can save it, and how these best investment apps can come in useful if you wish to take a gamble in the hopes that you can earn more. just think of all the things it can go on if you invest well? and this should be taught to your children as soon as they are old enough to understand the fundamentals of money. so maybe, just maybe by starting early with small amounts and little responsibility, he will learn to connect all those financial dots in his life.

$ $ $ $ $

xo, mama lola
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    Kudos to you, mama! Personally, I think it’s so important to teach “earnings” to children early in life. All too often, they are simply given everything they want, and then go out into the world wondering why they can’t have things/services for free.

    Hey, send me an email if you’re interested in swapping buttons. If not, no worries!