lovely valentine’s day card crafts!

kids love to hand-out valentine’s day cards to each other at school. we were even sent home a list of all of the student’s in bear’s class to ensure that no kid is left out, i suppose. 

here are eight super cute, super easy cards you can make with the kids for valentine’s day. i find my kids love to be involved and even my lion who is only 2.5 years old, can easily participate in the creation of these cards.

1. olive you card from better homes and gardens.
2. fly away with me from life in wonderland
3. hearts in a jar from hooray hurrah
4. i’m glad you’re in my school from simple organized living
5. have a “dino”mite valentine’s day from life in wonderland
6. i love you from my kids guide
7. would you like a lollipop? from the matthews family blog.
8. some bunny loves you from so crafty on squidoo

let me know which one you decided on!

xo, mama lola
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