new glasses!

i love this kid when he’s trying on glasses. he chooses a new pair from the display, admires himself in the mirror and then gives me one of these huge ridiculous smiles. he really has an inner diva or something! ha! 
since he’s turning five this week, we decided it was time to upgrade from his old frames to something a bit more funky! he got his old frames when he was barely three!

at his last eye exam, a couple of weeks ago we got the good news that bear doesn’t have to wear his patch any more and that his right eye, which was significantly weaker seemed to be doing really well!  i am so relieved about the patch thing, because forcing him to wear it was becoming a fight and one that i was quite frankly tired of fighting. one to hours of a focused activity after school was pretty much an impossibility. and, it’s kinda nice to have one less thing to worry about, although it looks lion may have the same muscular issue with his right eye. gotta make an appointment for him soon!

we haven’t actually purchased any new frames, as bear wanted to try on ones that they had to special order for him. maybe this week, maybe next, he’ll finally have his new specs!

* * * * *

we are still recovering from bear’s fabulous birthday party on sunday. i will be sharing some of the party treats, foods and things that we made in an upcoming post, so check back! 


xo, mama lola
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