to my bear :: happy 5th birthday

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dear bear,

happy birthday, my sweet boy. 

today you turn five years old. that’s one whole handful of fingers!

what a wonderful year this is going to be for you.
you will become a stronger swimmer and turn into a fish at the cottage this summer. you will become a better bike rider. you will finish your first year of school. and, school has proven itself to be a wonderful place for you. there,  you have lots good friends 
your independence has soared and i am sure it will reach even mightier heights, now that you are 5.

i remember the day you were born very well. it was a day full of anticipation, excitement and love. your daddy and i had been waiting for you for a long time.

i remember being in the hospital and riding through the contractions. feeling the waves come over me, helping me push you into this world. finally, my midwife told me to reach down and i felt you there and i pulled you out of me and into my arms. 
there you were. our beautiful bear. daddy had the biggest and silliest smile on his face; you could see the pride he felt for his little family shining from his heart. i was so overcome and overwhelmed with your arrival, that i just stared at you.
i did this a lot.

i am still often overwhelmed by you.

your kindness and gentle demeanour towards other people warms me.
your curiosity of the world in which we live, is awe-inspiring and surprising to me.
your ability to move your body with such strength and limberness, is always mind blowing to me. i love to watch you climb things, as i stand back and admire your courage and trust in your body.

i am proud to be your mama.

i am excited to see where this new year will take you, what you will learn and what will be a struggle. but, i am most excited to be by your side as we meet new adventures as a family and explore new horizons together.

i will always be here to hold your hand in moments of apprehension, to catch you in times of weakness and i will always help you back to health. i will care and love you, because that comes so easily to me. 

happy birthday my love. paljon onnea rakkain.

this year is going to full of magic!

love, äiti

xo, mama lola
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