sock bun fun!

so i have pretty long hair, which is sometimes, pretty, long hair. sometimes not so much.
i like to wear my hair up and out of the way, especially when doing mama things around the house. the other day when i was at H&M with a friend i saw the golden nugget that would bring me hair joy! i bought the proper equipment to do your own sock bun, the donut! and, it was only $4.95 CAD!!!

look at this glorious and beautifully centred sock bun…. wowzah! 
this is what i was going for the other evening… 
check out the link for great directions on how to do one yourself!
and, i got this.
mine, was not so glorious or beautifully centred and by bobby-pins kept falling out. but, i think with some practice i’ll be ready to sport these buns once toque season ends in a few weeks!

my hair was freshly washed and wet when i did these buns, 
and not super greasy the way the picture makes it look!

and, let’s just make note of my shoulders kissing my ears… 
where on earth did my neck disappear to?

{ The eagle recovers around a mark! }

oh, we got a cat! cat pictures coming soon! 
xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Your hair looks pretty up like that. I always mean to try a sock bun but as you say, hat weather = no fancy hairdos!

    Yay, you got a cat. Can’t wait to see pics.

  2. says

    Hey hon, I love your bun! I’m a big sock-bun-lover too (my hair is long but always up) and I actually find that it goes up easier when my hair is wet. Here’s how I do it (just in case you want another idea): take freshly washed hair and comb/brush into a ponytail. Apply the donut onto the ponytail. Flip head upside down and spread hair nicely over donut. Apply a heavy-duty hair elastic over the donut to secure hair/donut in place (this is a step that I find often gets missed in other people’s instructions). Take left-over ends of hair, separate into 2 or 3 sections and wrap around donut, twisting hair as you wrap around donut. Secure in place with huge 3″ hair pins (Walmart) and smaller 2″ hair pins (Shoppers). Done! And very fahncy! 😀

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