theme thursday :: this years garden ideas!

although it is actually snowing outside as i type this, i have been busy on pinterest looking for ideas on how to improve our garden. we have a decent sized backyard, but it is quite shaded. this is good for the kids, as they can play and not have to be in the direct hit of the blaring sun, but it is not so good for my tiny, pathetic veggie garden.

so, the plan is to rip out some patio stones next to the wall of the house that gets the most sun and build raised bed for some veggies and flowers. it will probably look a lot like the picture below if all goes according to plan. We can then use the stones in different ways. I got inspired after looking to see some examples of traditional flagstones here, and there’s plenty we can do with them! Anyway, this picture is from flickr, so no instructions, just looks pretty. I hope that our finished product looks like this as it really will help to improve the way our garden looks. After this has been completed, I may decide to enlist the help of somewhere similar to these landscape design services in Torquay to help give the other parts of our garden a much-needed makeover, so that it can be conveniently used by everybody. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with how the garden looks, but I just think that it could do with some updating. There are so many different things that could be done to a garden to improve it, so it’s important to keep an eye on the latest garden trends. Something I have noticed is a growth in the popularity of garden furniture, like the adirondack chairs for sale at The Charming Bench Company, so I’m seriouly considering adding one to my garden once I find the perfect space for it. One of my friends actually got some concrete walls built around her property the other day and that looks really nice. She said that the builders didn’t take long to build the wall, apparently, they just used some chemical for concrete fastening purposes, and the wall was basically done. Apparently, concrete fastners are so important as they keep the wall secure for a longer period of time. That’s good to know, maybe we’ll think about getting a wall for the garden.

But on saying that, this raised bed below is similar and comes with great detailed instructions on how to build it from old town home.

for plant markers, i actually made these last year for some seeds i started. click on the picture to take you to the original post. how cute and easy are they to make!

we have some stone paths and i love way the cracks are filled with thyme and look so soft. i found this picture at scravings, and apparently the thyme fills the air with a wonderful aroma as well!

i love how lush this garden is from simplypix. there must be a flurry of activity with butterflies and insects and birds; my boys would love that!

i love big containers over flowing with greenery and bursts of flowers. daisy’s are some of my favourites. so unpretentious, simple yet a true sign of summer! this picture is from vibedekdesign.

how about using old logs as planters? i think something like this would look great at the cottage! found this idea at the rabbit factory.
i will leave you with this funny, but true sentiment. i actually find gardening very therapeutic. it allows me to lose myself in my thoughts, providing new ways of seeing things and it is another creative outlet for me. i am not a good gardener, but each season i learn a little more! turning the soil with my bare hands and feeling the pulse of the earth in my hands connects me and grounds me. perhaps, that is why am so anxious for spring to arrive, because i feel like i need some garden therapy!

what will you be planting this year in your garden?

happy thursday everyone!
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xo, mama lola
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  1. Anonymous says

    I am certainly agreeing with you in everything you said and have done and will be doing. Last year’s garden for me was very successful. This year I am planning a much bigger garden. Planted all kinds of bulbs last year and they are blooming now, can hardly wait till they bloom. Started all kinds of flower seedlings. I am so anxious to see everything blooming vibrantly with colors. Sit back on our new porch and enjoy watching the butterflies and the birds take nectar from the flowers. Enjoy your summer!