april ice storm!

we were hit with a pretty bad ice storm on friday. the freezing rain was unrelenting causing massive trees to snap their branches, thousands of people all over were without power and who knows how much structural damage the storm caused.

the picture below os of our porch railing. it looks as though the water is dripping off, but that’s all ice. everything outside was coated in a layer of ice; cars, trees, sidewalks, buildings, everything. when i went into the backyard later in the day, as the temperatures began to warm up, the ice started to melt of the trees and was crashing around me. the ice had molded around the branches and so it was all in these funny half cylinders.

our backyard looked as though it was covered in shattered glass. so eerie and weird. i am glad we had minimal damage and only were without power for a few hours!

here’s hoping that is the last of the cold, wintery weather and that spring will now arrive in all its warm glory.

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Great pics but it makes me sad to think we are having ice storms in April! I really hope it starts getting warmer sooner :o) Anyhow, happy Friday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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